Green Christmas Reduces Waste

Are visions of a greener holiday season dancing in your head? Consider using a live evergreen as your Christmas tree, and offering nontraditional gifts, such as sporting event tickets and music lessons. Many people buy live Christmas trees because they can plant them after the holidays, said Marisa Keris, whose parents run Keris Tree Farm

Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas

Well, if you’re waiting for Christmas to come, its almost here! Which means that you gotta get busy and start getting things together. But while you’re scrambling around, trying to get everything organized, dont forget to put your holiday greeting card on the list! And this year, you’ll want to make it special by making

6 Horrible Christmas Gift Ideas That You Should Avoid

Gifter, before you decide to buy something for you friends, neighbor, families or relatives, beware what you are about doing may hurt your recipients. While this statement seems harsh and you have the best intentions that you wish your recipient well but some of the ideas we are about discussed here are actually nightmare and

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

The Christmas holidays have arrived. Shoppers are getting restless. Christmas is the time we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. Christmas is the time for giving gifts to children. Here we get confused as to what gift we should be giving. Shopping for gifts can is fun. But shopping for the right gift to give can a

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Corporate Christmas party ideas don’t have to be limited and boring! Here is the usual order of events. They are usually large affairs that include all the people that work for a business, as well as any guest that each employee may bring with them. They will typically consist of a dinner, and entertainment that

Christmas Ideas

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