Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas

Well, if you’re waiting for Christmas to come, its almost here! Which means that you gotta get busy and start getting things together. But while you’re scrambling around, trying to get everything organized, dont forget to put your holiday greeting card on the list! And this year, you’ll want to make it special by making your Christmas cards yourself.

Hopefully some of these ideas here will get your creative mind going and some holiday inspiration to put together one of your best Christmas scrapbooking cards ever! There is something special about spending time with your family and making Christmas cards. I remember when I was a little girl and we would spend all sorts of time putting together our Christmas cards. I bet that your kids will never forget either!

Anyways, a good idea for a Christmas scrapbook card would be to create a north pole theme, and then have your kids dressed up as elves, and the dad as Santa Claus and the wife as Ms. Claus! Then you could take photos of everybody having fun together, then assemble on your Christmas scrapbook card. And if you have any pets, like a dog, you could dress them up as reindeer! I bet our little dog would look hilarious as Rudolph!

Another idea you could use for your Christmas scrapbook card is to create snowflakes. You fold up some blank white pieces of paper and then cut odd shapes out of the edges. Then you unfold, and presto! You have snowflakes. Then what you’ll want to do is take your best one, and put everybody’s face on it. Or you all could make smaller, individual snowflakes and put a single picture on each snowflake!

By Jenny Hampdon