Halloween Foods & Desserts Recipe

LET’S TASTE A SWEET HALLOWEEN TREATS… Candy Apple 8-10 small to medium apples, washed and dried wooden skewers or popsicle sticks, for apples Ingredients: Candy syrup: 1 cup water 3 cups sugar 1/2 cup white corn syrup 1/4 cup red hot candies 1/2 teaspoon red food coloring Preparation: Insert wooden skewers into the stem end

Halloween Haunted Attractions

HALLOWEEN HAUNTED ATTRACTION OR DARK ATTRACTION is a venue which simulates the experience of visiting a structure or outside space that is inhabited by what appear to be supernatural such as ghosts or spirits. They can also be venues featuring other frightening subjects such as crazed animals or loose murderers. The illusion, created by actors,

Halloween Clip Arts

Halloween Clip Art Halloween Animation Halloween Witch Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Cats Halloween Skeleton Cutely Halloween Spooky 🙂 A Rejoice Skeleton Treater 🙂 Black Cat Fortune Teller 🙂 A Dazzled Vampire 🙂 Halloween kindhearted Witch 🙂 Pumpkin Balloon Party 🙂 Spooky Smile 🙂 A Stubborn Pumpkin 🙂 The Two Spider Monsters 🙂 A Boo Web 🙂

Halloween Superstitions

When it’s the time for Halloween celebration, it is then that the people tend to become more superstitious. There are many superstitions and myths about Halloween and most of the people have a strong belief in them. In the reservoir of common Halloween superstitions, there are distinctive kinds of superstitions: animal superstitions, witch superstitions, bats