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Holiday News Update

We ask Amy Sedaris questions about entertaining at the holidays. Amy Sedaris gives us yes and no answers.

With her sarcasm, polyester outfits and pantyhose crafts, Amy Sedaris is a lot like the women at Shine. We may not entertain as much as she does, but when we do, we enjoy making faces out of olives to top off hamburger buns and we also take at least 20 minutes to whip up a […]

What to wear on New Year's Eve (and not feel like a stress case)

Let's face it, getting dressed for New Year's Eve is stressful. I've had years where, after trying on anything at all fancy in my closet and finding it all awful, I've flung myself on the bed and wanted (dramatically) to just stay home. But that was years ago, when I… Go to Source

Foodie gifts for under $100

We know it's been a hard year. You're on a budget? Us too. But that doesn't mean you've got to give fruitcakes to all your loved ones this holiday season. Somewhere in giftland there exists a basket for every… Go to Source

The best holiday movie romances

Whether you're single or spoken for this holiday season, it's always enjoyable to sit back and play voyeur to a Christmas or New Year's Eve romance. Go to Source

Creative gift tags/labels for homemade holiday gifts (and a recipe!)

p> The holidays bring out my crafty/cooking geekness like nobody's business. I usually try to add some homemade element to our Christmas gifts, but this year I'm going gonzo (my husband's word choice). Cooking, sewing, crafty bits and pieces. It feels really good to be making things after being completely immersed in work. On to […]

Do's and don’ts of holiday party etiquette

Company bashes, family gatherings, friends' shindigs – it's undeniably holiday party season! Be sure not to leave without considering what behavior is appropriate for each. Go to Source